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Pen passion, became a full time job, even in my tens, I would visit my father’s antique shop in Grand Bazaar to see the pens, I’ve always wondered how they work, how they are loaded with ink?, what lies inside?, what former owners had written with them?
Soon after I graduated from the university in 2006, I started working for a steel company as an engineer, in the name of this event, my father gave me a nice pen but it wasn’t my taste, so I tried to buy for myself, this passion started my eBay campaign, first only for buying pens, then buying and selling at the same time, to no avail, I couldn’t find that pen for myself anyway, then I got all pens in our shop to sell on eBay, eventually I enlarged my collection, then I met a couple of pen experts which are fully loaded with knowledge, I’ve asked and learnt every single detail, most importantly, I’ve learnt not to hide knowledge from others, thanks to them.
In Steel Company, I worked in the Quality, Domestic Sales and Export Departments, respectively, however, my pen passion was too high to work on another subject, I left my job, leaving a nice wage behind.

In 2014, I’ve started my own company and working in my father’s shop in grand bazaar at the same time, during that time, I both increased my business and knowledge, I learnt pen repairs by know-how, first simply destroying a couple of them, then by using regular repair tools with matching diagrams and information, I’ve got better each day, regarding sales, I’ve reached new peaks each month, I got more then 1200 foreign customers, I had reached 1500 positive feedbacks on eBay in 2 and a half years


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